An Introduction to Bathroom Lighting Schemes

Get the Guide from an Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Contractor.

The standard lighting scheme that came with your bathroom doesn’t usually do a great job of enhancing the look and feel of your bathroom. When you are going for bathroom remodeling, then you must think about lighting scheme. One ceiling fixture isn’t going to shine enough light on all the necessary places of the bathroom. If you want to create a relaxing oasis, then you need to know about the different lighting scheme.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is like the starting point when you think about light in your bathroom.  A central fixture in your ceiling often does the trick. You don’t need to stick with whatever the builder installed. You go for a chandelier or other attention piece in that central fixture

When you are installing a ceiling light, try to install it over the walkway instead of directly above the spot where people would stand. Light above your head can prove to be uncomfortable at things. Compared to that, light from behind will help you see yourself in your ‘best light’.

Mirror Task Lighting

Your bathroom mirror is where you see where you see you want to look beautiful. If the light on top of the mirror is recessed ceiling fixtures, you’ll be dealing with annoying face shadows that make your face gloomy. To make things better, you can install sconces or vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror. Keep them about 36 to 40 inches apart and the center of each light fixture should be at about eye level.

Sometimes, you might not have the space that you need to install such fixtures.  In such cases, you can go for a fixture for above the mirror that is at least 24 inches long or longer. You can mount it 75 to 80 inches above the floor and use bulbs that are at least 150 watts.

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